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He shakes hands and works his way down the line — miraculously, nobody shoots him — telling each person, "You have nothing to be afraid of."Still not scared?Consider Claire’s visit to New York City, where she’s promoting a range of gas masks for people to wear in the event of a chemical attack. She runs into Ken Caswell, an old schoolmate of Frank’s, who has bad news: Tim Corbet, the classmate with whom Frank had a youthful fling, has gone missing after a trip on the Arkansas River, and is feared dead. I lived in a cave for 5 years in a world where they killed my kind like cattle. ended with Claire Underwood (Robin Wright) becoming husband Frank's (Kevin Spacey) running mate in the upcoming presidential election against suave but hotheaded Republican Will Conway (Joel Kinnaman).He agrees, and finds a way to backdoor into social media, which might prove useful at A. She tells him to get lost and to take Miller's name out of his mouth.His ego is bruised, but Claire knows just the thing to cheer him up.We’re guessing Claire would sooner push Ken onto some subway tracks than have a gay sex scandal break out a week before the election.

They're looking for Remy Danton and Jackie Sharp to testify, and, frankly, so are we.

He’s invited the nation’s governors, including New York’s very own Will Conway, to D. to convince them to create large-scale voting centers patrolled by the National Guard to keep voters safe.

This is especially crucial in five swing states: Nevada, New Jersey, Illinois, Ohio, and Pennsylvania.

The journalist is still very much on POTUS' tail, hiring a young style reporter with great social skills to join his investigate team.

Will Conway likewise wants to shift the story from terrorism to Frank's crimes.

As promised, vice president hopeful Claire (Robin Wright) is using terror to drum up votes, filming a PSA that encourages citizens to rat each other out. A news bulletin from Ann Curry explains that one of the domestic terrorists behind Miller's death was killed in an FBI raid, but another, Joshua Masterson, remains at large.

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